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Our Philosophy


SKELETON CONCEPT, an atelier based in Vallée De Cluse, France, are superiors in enhancing luxury timepieces. We offer a variety of customizations, modifications, and enhancements of world-class luxury watches that bring you unique and exceptional designs that guarantees what you have on your wrist is truly one-of-a-kind.

Custom Made


Once a concept has been decided upon, a sketch is then drafted to provide a visual with how your timepiece will look. Every detail is illustrated to show the fine combination of art and technology. After which, prototyping will take place which may take a few weeks to ensure the customization process will go smoothly. From a spark of an idea, a spirit of creativity, each and every concept is quintessential. Our goal is to make sure that what starts out as an imagination, a dream is conceptualized and made into reality.



Enhancing your timepiece means the brand manufacturer will invalidate your warranty. Skeleton Concept therefore, provides a full warranty coverage of 5 years to guarantee that any modifications made and the time-keeping mechanism are in its optimal performance, and any after-sales service is well taken care of. Each Skeleton Concept bespoke comes with its own certificate of authenticity.


Skeleton Concept is an atelier that specializes in watch customization, as such, we neither manufacture and/or sell timepieces. Our customizations are made in full confidence staying true to the essence of the brand manufacturers that house the watches that are provided to us for enhancements. Any brands mentioned or shown on the website are for reference purposes only. Skeleton Concept assures the integrity of the work and modifications made on behalf of our clients and their timepieces. Any our customizations are provided for personal and private use only.